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November 2018

Magical Tools for Up-leveling Your Business

A career is a form of utmost self-expression. When we are aligned with our highest purpose and take definite action to create an impact on the world, we thrive. Majority of the time, we feel guided like vessels for Divine knowledge, acting with integrity and certainty. However, what happens when our careers become stagnant and are unable to grow to the next level?...

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Jacqui on Voyage: Bratislava, Part 2

Before I really get into the nitty gritty, I just gotta say: don’t go to the clock museum… it’s a clock museum! But there are plenty of other reasons to visit Bratislava. While I fell in love with the pedestrian areas and history of Old Town Bratislava, I was keen to find out how the city moved through the struggles of wars and Soviet occupation. Iron Curtain Bike Tour gives you a glimpse into Bratislava’s recent history. As with anything in life, if the person telling a story has passion they will take you on a whole other journey. Let me tell you, our wonderful local guide had passion in spades! He bought history to life with family stories interwoven with important historical dates and events. He shared how....

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Tips for Staying Friends With An Ex

Relationships come and go. Some relationships mean more to us than others. What happens when you break up with someone you consider to be your best friend? How do you move on from losing not just a partner, but also, a friend? It’s hard to move on from a person you used to spend majority of your time with. You shared things with that other person that you couldn’t imagine sharing with anyone else. In a relationship, your partner also tends to act as your friend, often your best friend. It makes it harder to move on from a break up when you’re also having to move on from losing a friend. Many people contemplate trying to stay friends with their ex. Some believe this idea only leads to further heartbreak and disappointment. Others will say that staying friends with an ex ...

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October 2018

Halloween Travels

What are you doing on October 31st?  Whether at home or getting out of town, you can always find some exciting way to celebrate Halloween. As an Australian, we didn’t really grow up celebrating Halloween. Sure in more recent times, people are hosting parties, but it really is not something that registers for us.  Most Australians would even say it is an American commercialized day and actively want nothing to do with it.  I say ‘poo poo’ to them! A few years ago, I experienced my first proper Halloween in San Diego and I am now 100% converted.  Two years later I made it to Las Vegas for a week of spooky fun...Bonnie Screams – what was I thinking!?  I agreed to let friends take me out into...

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Lessons Learned from the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

Heightened tension and visceral emotions brought back vivid flashbacks of my personal experience with sexual assault. I am not alone in finding that the Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh hearing stirs up angels and demons inside. Regardless of party-line divisions, anyone who watched the testimonies of both Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh can find a range of emotions, from anger and frustration to hurt and sadness. What I learned from watching the hearing is a tough reality that the country is facing: when the status quo is a culture where one in six women and one in ten men experience a sexual assault within their lifetime, how can we make America’s future safer for our children? ...

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Three BIG Secrets to Having More Money

Have you ever wondered what the secrets to having more money are? Write this acronym down BIG. B stands for Beliefs. I stands for Intuition. G stands for Giving. Let’s start with Beliefs. Beliefs are crucial in every investment decision you make. Why? Once you start to doubt if you are going to make money, you will never make money. Do you believe money comes easily and frequently? Do you believe you have to work hard to be rich and successful? Thinking about how these beliefs can positively or negatively impact your life. As a prosperity coach, I tell my clients to write down their belief level for each investment idea. 1 is massive doubt. 'That's really, really risky' or 'Can't I lose all my money in that investment?' And 10 is absolute faith. 'I that I am going to make tons of money in this investment.'...

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