The Secrets of a Shoe-Aholic

by Joanna Fanuko Hi. I’m Joanna, and I’m a shoe-aholic. (Hi, Joanna.) This is said in jest and in the vain of a stereotypical Alcoholics Anonymous meeting introduction simply because I get addiction, mental illness, and widely understood cultural references. But seriously, I dig shoes too much. Recently, I got into a conversation with my therapist about shoes. Not just…

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Summer 2018 Fashion Must-Haves

By Shelby Winch This summer, why not clean out your closet? And then reward yourself with a shopping haul full of hot new trends. Here’s your summer guide to fashion: Color, Color, Color – We are talking canary yellows, pastel pinks, and bright prints. This summer from shoes to dresses, color is not a thing to be feared. Veer more toward the…

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Why Millennials Have Brought Vintage Back

By Kay Maloney In a world that seems to be developing at an increasingly fast pace, an abandonment of the past would seem likely. During these times, the media seems adamant to convey a message that the millennial generation is solely dependent upon the internet. While it would be wrong to say technology and social media do not play a…

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