By Shelby Winch

This summer, why not clean out your closet? And then reward yourself with a shopping haul full of hot new trends. Here’s your summer guide to fashion:

Color, Color, Color – We are talking canary yellows, pastel pinks, and bright prints. This summer from shoes to dresses, color is not a thing to be feared. Veer more toward the adventurous side when you are grabbing for that new addition to your closet.

Long and Flowy – Long flowing vintage dresses graced the runways this year and it’s time we all embraced the comfort of a loose, below-the-knee dress. So bye-bye bodycons and lower-back sweat, we are here for longer garments. As an added bonus, these vintage dresses are on the funky side with patterns ranging from playful cherries and checkers to plaid and polka dots.

The Modern Cargo Short – Kiss your distressed high-waisted jean shorts goodbye because the tight denim cargo is in. You have seen these thigh hugging jeans grace celebs for months and now it is your turn to upgrade from the booty short, to the just above the knee, form fitting cargo. It accentuates your figure without leaving you chaffed and in pain during those long hot summer days.

Sports Wear. – Neutral toned sportswear is in and the perfect go-to for when you just can’t be bothered to put on real clothes. So stack your closet with some long biker spandex and raincoat inspired jackets cause that’s what’s making headway this summer.

The Return of the One-Piece – Cut-outs, funky-prints, graphic lettering, or a simple silhouette. One-pieces have made a huge come back and we are here for it. No more stress of matching your bikini top to its bottom, just one and done.

Channel Britney Spears – You can finally unleash your inner Britney this summer. Fun geometric shapes and tinted colors is the new look of our favorite summer accessory. So welcome back the pinks, yellows, purples, and blues cause sunglasses this summer are playful. Just pick a frame that flatters your specific face shape and you are set for the sun.

Funky Shoes – The tiny heel, the pop of color, and the modern dad shoe. Leave behind your tie up gladiator sandals because this summer we are stepping out in either the classy kitten heel, the gucci slides (we’ll let you off the hook with the cheaper knock-offs), or the thick soled dad shoe.

Hats – After the Royal Wedding, we are all trying to step up our hat game. This summer’s break- out star is the reinvented bucket hat. This modern take uses more luxurious fabrics and fun detailing to give your head some protection and style. But if the bucket just isn’t for you, this summer’s runner up is the reinvented straw hat which now comes with subtle prints or a bolder look.

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