Empowering Books for A Female Bibliophile

By Renee Collett As an avid bookworm and an intense advocate for self-love, I worship self-help novels. They combine the beauty of language and the information needed for readers to better themselves. Though I love a good mystery or true crime story, I’m always drawn to self-help books, as they guide me through the skeptical times in my life like…

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Jacqui on Voyage: Notting Hill Carnival

By Jacqui Gray How had Europe’s biggest street party not registered on my radar? Elaborate floats, AMAZING costumed performers, steel bands, calypso music and flavors – what rock had I been living under? Notting Hill Carnival, second only to Rio Carnival on sheer numbers, takes over the streets of west London for a couple for days in late August and…

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Between Mother and Daughter: Single-Parenting

By Contributor Shelby Winch and her mother, Cindy Dear Single-Parents,  When my daughter asked me to write a letter to single parents to be, or even to single parents out in the world right now, I was stuck. Single-parenthood isn’t easily summed up into a nice neat letter that can put all the experiences I’ve had into perfect perspective. To…

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