The Unsexy Personality Trait That Makes for Better Sex

[The Cut] In a lot of ways, conscientiousness feels like the least sexy of the “Big Five” personality traits, a group that also includes extroversion, agreeableness, openness, and neuroticism. Painted with a broad brush, people who are conscientious are organized, thorough, diligent, and good at responding to emails. They’re into making plans, and being punctual, and other activities that tend…

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How We Erroneously Define Our Potential

[Goop] Peter Crone is not a psychotherapist. Instead, he refers to himself as a “mind architect,” whose sole goal is helping people understand how their own perceptions and their own self-limiting beliefs and words have shaped their reality—a reality that might not actually jive with a more objective and less distorted point of view. Crone sees his role as calling…

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