By B. Chase Wall

This summer, I took a trip on my own. Prior to traveling, I was terrified and almost backed out multiple times. I had never traveled on my own before and was nervous that I would completely fail at it or put myself in danger. 

Here I am though; I made it through my trip alone and actually got to enjoy it, as well. So, if you’re a female and think you might want to travel on your own, I say go for it. I do have a few suggestions, though. 

First off, travel somewhere you actually want to go! If you do not have the money to do it right away, take time to save up and do some planning; don’t pick a random, uninteresting place simply because you can afford it! People always say patience is a virtue and this is especially true when it comes to traveling. Patience is key while traveling on your journey because it will help you handle any difficulties on your own, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your travels. 

Another big suggestion I have is to make sure that traveling alone is something that you actually want to do; this trip should be for completely for yourself. Traveling alone in order to prove something to someone else will not be as fulfilling as doing it purely for yourself. Doing something just to prove a point does not hold a lot of enjoyment. 

While traveling on your own as a female can be nerve-wrecking, it can also be rewarding and empowering. Taking some personal time to go on vacation is an act of self-care; traveling alone can bring you back to your true self without anyone around to pressure or influence you. My solo journey was rewarding because it allowed me to relax and do things that I wanted to do instead of the things that other people wanted to do (such as walking around Raleigh, NC looking for a chocolate shop). While I did run in to some anxiety at the start of my trip, I simply reminded myself that although I was alone, I was not in any danger. Overall, the joy that I experienced  from getting out on my own and confidently making my own decisions outweighed any anxiety that I felt.

The one thing that I was most worried about when traveling on my own was that I was going to run into some sort of danger. I feared that I would either end up in the wrong place or that I would be targeted for being a female traveling alone. In actuality, though, I was never in any actual danger. Although on one occasion I felt nervous about my safety, it turned out to be my anxiety acting up; I was overreacting. No one ever bothered me, even while I wandered away from the main parts of town and looked like a complete tourist! In fact, people were extremely friendly; I got to have nice conversations with the drivers of the Lyft rides and the locals that I sat next to on the train ride through North Carolina and Virginia. 

Traveling on your own, especially as a female, can be a good experience for you to reconnect with your center and partake in some self-care. Remember to save up and go somewhere that you are actually interested in going, rather than traveling on your own to somewhere that is convenient. Lastly, make sure that you do not push yourself too hard; take the time to relax and be kind to yourself. If you are aware of your surroundings, you’re bound to remain safe, which’ll ensure pure enjoyment. 

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