By Joanna Fanuko

Before I gush over the greatest app ever, let me give you some context about why I love the personal stylist-in-a-box that is Stitch Fix. I get the best advice from my therapist. We dig deep into the serious stuff. She has helped me pull myself out of distressed mental states, process the tough reality of my trauma, and work on coping skills that I apply daily when I feel anxious. What has been an added bonus is that she gives me amazing advice on ways to manage the stresses of social anxiety and paranoia. On a lighter note, she introduced me to Stitch Fix, a great app for someone who suffers from a fear of crowded stores.

Typically, I can get through a grocery trip. But I have spent many a night avoiding supermarkets at all costs. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel constantly paranoid about being around strangers when all they focusing on is getting their milk and eggs! Often, the same goes for retail stores and, more specifically, malls. What makes Stitch Fix so great is that I can avoid the emotional phobia of public shopping that pops up from time to time. Let me get into the details of what makes the app so great.

Scratch the itch for personalized pieces

I have so many great things to say about this app, but let me start with the basics. Stitch Fix begins by asking you questions about your fit, flare, and favorite items to shop. You can select to have your personalized pieces come monthly, bimonthly, or as needed. And voila! You get five additions to your wardrobe in a box delivered to your door.

My first box could’t have been more perfect. The stylist knew exactly what I liked, avoided what I didn’t like, and I ended up keeping all five items. The subscription styling fee gets credited toward what you keep. And I actually wear all of my clothes: a great basic white button-up that is comfortable and work appropriate, a cashmere sweater with a classic vibe, a pair of the most leisurely work slacks I have ever put my buns into, and a sunny yellow bag that functions as a clutch. The only minor negative detail was a polka-dot that was a little snug over my bosom.

Choose your price range for a Fall wardrobe “fix”

Stitch Fix also lets you provide your personal stylist with feedback about the wardrobe pieces received. I can let her know if anything was a swing-and-a-miss (which hasn’t happened) and why I love the items I keep! There is also an option to pick your price range, making it perfect for busy (and socially anxious) ladies on a budget.

Back to the real reason why I love Stitch Fix…

My real love for Stitch Fix is all about avoiding going to the store. I would not recommend avoiding everything stressful in life. Some stress is healthy and it is good to push yourself through difficult things. I may sound dramatic about it, but PTSD leaves me jumpy around strangers, and sometimes with no warning or explanation. I can appreciate the luxury of shopping for things I will truly wear without the anxiety of going out when I don’t feel ready or able. I give Stitch Fix an A+ and can’t wait for my September box to fix my Fall wardrobe.

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