Halloween Travels

By Jacqui Gray What are you doing on October 31st?  Whether at home or getting out of town, you can always find some exciting way to celebrate Halloween. As an Australian, we didn’t really grow up celebrating Halloween.  Sure in more recent times, people are hosting parties, but it really is not something that registers for us.  Most Australians would…

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Jacqui on Voyage: Bratislava, Part 1

By Jacqui Gray The little-known capital of Slovakia is a surprising treat. To appreciate what the people and the city of Bratislava have been through (it’s a lot!), a little overview and context is needed. I am no history buff, but this old European nation deserves a few moments of reflection. So, let me bring you up to date with…

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Three BIG Secrets to Having More Money

By Joel Salomon Have you ever wondered what the secrets to having more money are? Write this acronym down BIG. B stands for Beliefs. I stands for Intuition. G stands for Giving. Let’s start with Beliefs. Beliefs are crucial in every investment decision you make. Why? Once you start to doubt if you are going to make money, you will…

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Lessons Learned from the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

  By Joanna Fanuko   Heightened tension and visceral emotions brought back vivid flashbacks of my personal experience with sexual assault. I am not alone in finding that the Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh hearing stirs up angels and demons inside. Regardless of party-line divisions, anyone who watched the testimonies of both Dr. Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh can find a…

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