By Liv Dzumaga 


A career is a form of utmost self-expression. When we are aligned with our highest purpose and take definite action to create an impact on the world, we thrive. Majority of the time, we feel guided like vessels for Divine knowledge, acting with integrity and certainty.

However, what happens when our careers become stagnant and are unable to grow to the next level?

Perhaps we have tried everything and nothing reaps the results we desire. Frustration rises and soon it is directed inward. We may ask “Why is this not working out for me? What am I doing wrong? Is this even worth my efforts?”

When our careers flourish, we feel light and joyful and, yet, when the opposite is true, we feel weighed down. Disconnecting from a sense of obligation to assist every soul crossing our path is one of the greatest lessons in life. Understanding each person’s unique path allows us to let go of the need to force our solutions onto others. Some, who truly could benefit from our services, are simply not ready to receive our help.

Doing Divine work is an intimate relationship between you, your Highest self, and Source. Therefore, every setback in our businesses and careers becomes personal.

When we are unable to help the one person who could really use our help, we may think we failed. When a client does not respond to a follow-up, we may feel rejected. When we cannot build our client list to the numbers we want, we may feel as though we have failed ourselves.

As a concrete example, one of my clients had difficulty turning a prospective client into a committed one. My client felt as though this was a direct reflection of her inadequacies. Each time this occurred, she was in low spirits and questioned whether or not she should continue her business, providing this prospect as “evidence” she should go in a different direction. Through our coaching sessions, she identified her lack of a positive mindset and self-sabotage in every potential client interaction. Together, we broadened her perspective of the situation and reconnected her to her intrinsic worth.

It is exactly in these moments of career turbulence where we should question where our focus lies. Is this one hiccup in our ventures causing immense distress and overshadowing other areas of our lives that are prospering?

Negativity breeds negativity. As we begin to fixate on one aspect that is dissatisfying You in the relationship, it is critical to gently remind ourselves that your Highest self and Source are still dancing on clouds because everything is exactly as it should be. Breathing into the sacred space of Trust that we are evolving in perfect timing relieves the pressure we accumulate.

Taking the time to rest and connect with other sources of joy in our life realigns our point of attraction. Shift focus from what is not working to what is, whether it is a loving relationship, optimal health in our bodies, or a peaceful home environment. Reminding ourselves, from a place of rejuvenated awareness, of the progress our businesses and careers have developed diminishes the “problem” our conscious minds have nitpicked.

Christy Whitman, a New York Times bestseller and transformational leader, once stated, “Any time life presents us with an experience that is other than the experience we want, we are faced with a fundamental choice: We can focus on and complain about all that appears to be falling apart, or, we can use that contrast to clarify exactly what we want to rebuild in its place.”

Embracing the contrast allows for reflection; what does personal success mean to you?

Consider if you have been leaning too heavily on career success to serve all of your desires. Open yourself up to the potential of greater satisfaction from simple moments, like savoring a cup of warm cider in the fall, as the leaves change color. No, this will not fix your career impediment but it will position you into a receptive mode for prosperous opportunities.

Step into the mind of your envisioned version of success. Ask yourself, how do you feel waking up? What do you spend your free time doing? What does a typical business day look and feel like? I recommend taking fifteen minutes to journal the answer to these questions. If you hit writer’s block go deeper and ask yourself, if you did know the answer or your ideal schedule what would it be? Allow yourself to dream and quiet the conscious mind for a moment. If your body receives a sensation, trust you are being guided to your deepest aspirations.

Redefining success outside the boundaries of career may seem counterintuitive at first, as it was for me, but incredibly important to our authentic happiness. As we expand our definition of success to pertain to the spiritual connection we have a love for animals and people in our support system; minimal and clean home environments; creative ways to express ourselves, we inevitably open more doorways to receive that which we seek.

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