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Whenever I am with Courtney Somer I feel as if mystical forces are surrounding me.  Courtney manifests an energy that is full of kindness, light and healing vibrations. She is effortlessly cool and calm, and the type of woman that anyone would want to be friends with. Not only does she embody a magnetic presence; she is also laser focused on her mission to spread wellness, while being simultaneously loving and attentive to her two daughters and husband. I have not known Courtney for very long in this lifetime, but something tells me that our souls have crossed paths in the past.  If you’re looking for some good energy and calming vibes, read on to learn how this entrepreneurial mom finds the time to do it all.

Courtney Somer is the Founder and Creator of Lake and Skye Fragrances. She is a Kundalini and prenatal yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, editor at Large for Domino Mag, and the mother of two girls with the middle names of Lake and Skye. 




Tell me about your line and what inspired you to create Lake and Skye Fragrances?

I started getting into aromatherapy after having my first daughter. It was a creative outlet from a haze of diapers and feeding. So, I began creating my own blend. I wanted something I could take with me and use on the go, hence the small roll on size.


Was this something you were always interested in doing?

My father was an entrepreneur and I always wanted my own business. Besides that, I started on the wellness path in my early 20’s after a health scare. I had two surgeries and countless frustrating doctor visits where I was stuck in the cycle of trying to find answers. At one point, I went to a doctor who brought out a textbook to show me my case had “no answer.” On a whim, I went to a healer and he told me what was going on within the first meeting. He inspired me to find out more about the mind’s connection to the body, which is a topic that was discussed less frequently then than it is now. This inspiration developed into a passion. I went on to study nutrition, meditation, reiki, kundalini, pre-natal yoga and, eventually, aromatherapy. Throughout my studies, I wanted to find a way to combine wellness with my career and eventually Lake & Skye (my girls’ middle names) was born.


Not only do you have an incredible line of fragrances and waters, but you also worked in fashion, taught prenatal yoga, and are a certified Kundalini yoga teacher! How do you do it all while having two children?

I fail miserably all the time! In all seriousness, I do try to balance the work/family/staying sane/happy/healthy but it is not easy. Some days feel like a triumph and others not so much. I’ve learned to slow down a lot, be patient with myself and others (thank you for that lesson, kids) and know that everything works out in the end. I make a lot of lists to help me. Also, I have an amazing husband and we’re very much a team.


How do you find time for your own self-care?

I try to do something for myself every day, even if it is in the details. Taking an extra five minutes getting ready in the morning, listening to a favorite podcast on the way to work or just eating chocolate.


Do you have any go-to practices that help you stay balanced?

Kundalini is my saving grace. I do this as often as I can, even if it’s a three-minute meditation. My favorites are gyan chakra, subagh kriya, and shabad kriya.


What about a go-to product?

Only one? I used to buy clothes, now it is products. I love creams, oils, and tonics. I use Moon juice’s plumping jelly and collagen powder. Sun potion’s yin powder, Dr. Barbara Sturm serums and creams, Goop instant facial, dry brushing and everyday oil for the body. From my own line, I use the Frankincense as a room spray and on my face and body. It is like sage as it has a clearing effect. Also, CBD roll on, I just tried this and I’m a believer.


Do you believe that if we all brought mediation and wellness to our children’s lives early on, we’d be able to raise more aware and less anxious children?

Yes! I daydream about starting a school that prepares kids for the world so they know how to navigate life and get the most out of it. At a minimum, integrating meditation to schools would be a game changer. For now, I try to give my daughters downtime so they can play, imagine, and be outside. They’re so present and in tune with themselves at their age that I’m hoping to help them hold onto that for as long as possible. They are the ones teaching us. I also think it’s important for me, as a parent, to have my own outlets and do what makes me happy so my children may learn how to do that for themselves.


Who inspires you as a woman and mother? Someone who seems to find balance in parenting, career, and self-care?

I admire other business women. A lot of the juggle between a career and motherhood is simply getting up and giving it your best each day. Yet, there’s magic in that, too.




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