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This blog will seamlessly follow on from my last blog “Jacqui on Voyage: Edinburgh”. It will go straight into fitness vacations – it’s all about balance my friends.

Over the last few years, I set aside three to eight weeks a year to go be super healthy.  Yes, ideally I should be super healthy all the time, but I am not. So for those precious three to eight weeks, I cut out the rest of the world and focus on me! It might seem indulgent and self-centered, but let me tell you, it is also the best thing I do for myself all year. It makes my mind and my body feel absolutely amazing!

So where do I go for three to eight weeks you might ask? While it is not exclusively one place, I do regularly find myself spending this time back in Thailand. Most people spend time in Phuket beachside, with a cocktail in hand, while I go there to get sweaty – BIG time!

Unit 27 is a regular haunt me. They focus on strength & conditioning and offer up some brutal workouts, just the way I like it. Along the same Soi (a Thai word for street), you will find an array of places that focus on getting you healthier, stronger, fitter and faster. There are fight gyms, normal gyms, yoga places, Crossfit, ice baths, flotation chambers, sports massage, and healthy food options. It is all there for you to use to make you feel fabulous (also huge thank you to Unit 27 for the awesome pictures)!

At first glance, the Soi can seem intimidating. This is because some very fit and seriously hot bodies gather from around the world to get even hotter!  Once you get past some of the dazzling flesh and gleaming sweaty bodies on display, you will find the most wonderful surprise. That surprise is that you belong as much as anyone else there!  Very quickly you will realize you became part of something special. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey; everyone who turns up is here for the same thing, which is to improve themselves.

These healthy folks are also all so positive!  At first, my sarcastic self-wanted to slap the shiny happiness and wholesome goodness out of them, but soon enough I was drinking the Kool-Aid that they were drinking my friends, and so will you. They pulled me into the fold and I was soon spreading health and love to everyone I encountered as well.

For more personalized treatment in Phuket, you need to get in touch with Kis Fitness.  Rob, a wonderful trainer at Kis Fitness deals exclusively with small numbers. He gets to know you and personalize his KIS (Keep It Simple) approach to your all-rounded health.  Never have I heard this Welsh gentleman raise his voice and yet he got me into the best shape of my life! I could go on raving about this great trainer, happy mindset and all-around wonderful human being.

In Dubai, make sure to check out the The Vault.  The Vault is a fitness community owned and operated by two of the nicest people you will ever meet, Trish and Frankie.  This Irish powerhouse couple has built a community that is bursting with positivity and encouragement.  Do not be fooled by their beautiful smiles and happy demeanor thought because they will push you well beyond the limits you thought you had. These two hammered me through some of the toughest workouts I have ever done and yet I still want to hug them at the end of it all.

Then there’s Boss Chick Elise Rose Richmond, who also keeps it real for me.  She is an inspiring Crossfit coach, athlete, personal trainer, and adventurer.  The best part of all is that she empowers and supports women with her passion and understanding. Whether she has been in my corner, held my hand, or pushed me in classes as my virtual/online personal trainer she has been there with me through it all. With her guidance, you too can focus on feeling awesome about yourself. Always on the move, Elise is hard to pin down, but anytime she puts on a clinic, anywhere in the world, (next one is Bali by the way), you know I will be there.

There are so many options out there for you to find what makes you feel amazing. Be inspired and make some time to put a priority on your physical and emotional health. I have been on some truly life-changing fitness adventures and would love to hear about any of the fitness vacations you have taken!

Jacqui Gray

Author: Jacqui Gray

Relentlessly optimistic, constantly curious and with an infectious energy and enthusiasm, Jacqui is a true freedom seeker. With her wiliness to go “all in”, she is always ready for spontaneous adventures and is most grateful for the people she has been lucky enough to meet and connect with, along the way.
Jacqui is a business owner, occasional Offshore Construction Worker, perpetual traveller and student. Her love of French Martinis, dressing up in costume and the beach are only surpassed by her favourite “job” – being a Rock Star Aunty.
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