By Jacqui Gray


Two thousand eighteen saw me clock up 69,152 flight miles (111,290 km). That is the equivalent of flying New York to LA 28 times! You bet it’s a lot. There were also three memorable road trips, a few helicopter flights, two slow bus rides, and a train journey thrown in there, just for good measure.

My wrap on 2018 travel adventures was getting waaaay too long. I mean it is nearly Christmas – who has time for that?

So, enjoy some photos, a few bullet points and a tip or two from my 2018 voyages. Make sure you add some travel plans to your 2019 to do list!


Mardi Gras 
New Orleans, LA
Be Bold! My costume rule at Mardi Gras: if you think it is enough, add three more things that sparkle! If America’s #1 party needs to be ticked off your bucket list, go with these guys – Mardi Gras Insider Tours. They are seriously good at putting together a great package, take care of all the details and, are kick-ass, fun people.


Munich, Germany
7-8 million people each year can’t be wrong. Want to be part of the fun? You gotta tick this one off your bucket list. Each year I take a small group to Oktoberfest for beer-tastic times. Want to join us in 2019? The more, the merrier!


Washington DC
I froze, got pretty sick and didn’t do anything remotely touristy. However, I hung out with awesome people, went to a badass party AND drum roll please – met the wonderful Nell. Yeah, I need to go back and actually see the city.


Highlands, Scotland
Unpredictable, wild and easy to fall in love with – both the landscape and people (even though I have no idea what most Scots are saying). Fantastic BnB.


New York, NY
Most people are staggered that I had never been to NYC. I always assumed I would live there for a bit so, I didn’t see much point in visiting. Well, I still haven’t called this city home so, 2018 was the year I had to visit. I gave myself a week to see everything – huge mistake! Lower Manhattan was all I covered in a week. I LOVED it. Will be back.


Prague, Czech Republic
Will go out on a limb here and say Prague is the most spectacular city I have been fortunate enough to visit. BUT and it is a BIG BUT, the number of tourists is overwhelming and radically impacted on the experience. Loved it but couldn’t get away fast enough.


Boston, MA
Surprise packet of the year goes to Boston. Just wish I could have gotten some of the sports cultures that this city is so famous for.


Bratislava, Slovakia
Food, booze, and history; as you can guess,  I loved it!


South East Queensland, Australia
Where I grew up – was nice to have time to get to know her again.


Vancouver and Calgary, Canada
Eating sushi, drinking beer and catching up with old friends- awesome, but cold! So cold! I need to stop visiting these freezing places in the winter! Will be going back to Calgary for Stampede in 2019, though!


At sea, around the word
Um well, there are lots of pretty sunrises and sunsets! Yeees Nell, there are 80 dudes to every woman, but the sunrises are still the highlight.





I am confident that I could find an official study to back me up on this, but travel is good for the soul! If you get the chance, travel; do it! Hope you had some wonderful 2018 travel adventures – any that you can recommend for me to check out?

Much love and Happiness

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