By Jacqui Gray

Where are the HOT travel destinations for 2019?

Asia, Asia and, Asia!

Well, there will be some others, but there is plenty afoot in Asia.

The surprise hit movie of 2018, Crazy Rich Asians, has well and truly put Singapore on the map as a hot place to travel to in 2019. This year will mark 200 years of history for Singapore and a slew of events have been lined up to celebrate this milestone. The always amazing Chinese New Years celebrations are in February, and you know that the new Light & Water Show at Marina Bay is going to be amazing.

Sadly, we have to wait until the middle of the year for the reopening of one of the world’s most Iconic Hotels. Raffles Singapore is undergoing a two-year makeover, and I can’t wait to enjoy a traditional Singapore Sling in the revamped Long Bar.

Speaking of cocktails, while in Singapore, see if you can find Operation Dagger.  Down some stairs, behind another bar, and with an unmarked entrance, it’s like a treasure hunt! Your reward – some super imaginative and funky cocktails like ‘The Egg’ – salted egg yolk liqueur, vanilla, star anise, and hay. Yep, I said hay, as horses eat.

Japan is also going to be a red hot destination for the next couple of years, and rightfully so; it’s time for Japan to shine. In 2019 they host the Rugby World Cup, which is HUGE and so much fun. Tokyo in 2020 will host the Summer Olympics, which will be fantastic I’m sure.

Tokyo will continue to be its fabulous self – any trip to the capital should be based around the 3 S’s – Sushi, Sake, and Sumo. Make sure you see further afield. It is a beautiful country, and in the warmer months, there is a never-ending procession of festivals. Some modern and spectacular, others reserved and steeped in history and tradition and then there is the downright kooky! Japan is surprising in so many ways.

Pretty much every travel article, blog, or expert I have spoken to in the last few months, all have all Sri Lanka and Maldives (yep, more Asian nations) on the big hit list for 2019. Sri Lanka has been popular for a while, and even though I am not a fan, plenty of others love it, and it looks set to continue as a favorite. The Maldives finally see some more reasonably priced options come to the market. Meaning more people can experience a slice of paradise… BUT does that come at a cost to the experience?

In Europe, Copenhagen is the place to be seen. Where the heck is Belarus (another talked about hotspot)? All I have coming to mind is weight lifting – grossly unfair I know!  Down my way, everyone is heading to Tasmania – yep, the place the Tasmanian Devil is from! Across the Pacific – Mexico City and Seattle are on everyone’s lips. While further south Panama and Columbia are expected to draw a swag of visitors.

My wish list for 2019 (in no particular order):
Outback Australia


I am easily distracted, so who knows what I will be ticking off or adding to this list in a year.

What is on your travel bucket list for 2019?

Happy Travels

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