By Paige Swanson
As a psychotherapist-in-training, I do what I call “soul cleansing.” It is a way for me to journey through space and time onto an existential plane where I can integrate my soul identities. The parallels between what I call “soul journeying,” and visualization therapeutic modalities that process and reprocess memory (i.e., a supplemental experience similar to EMDR) are incredibly similar. This practice helps me derive casual root meaning out ‘explicit’ left-brain neurological experiences developed throughout my childhood.
Also, like many other 26-year-old women, I use music to help me process my memories from the informative years of my youth. While growing up, I loved to listen to Britney Spears, The Pussy Cat Dolls and Christina Aguilera. They were my idols.
But, in many ways, “Don’t Cha” feel like that is sad?
While these artist’s songs are certainly fun to jam out to, they offer a fair amount of problems that I want to discuss.
I grew up in the south, was an Au Pair in France, traveled extensively across Europe, and now currently live in Denver, Colorado. So, it feels like I am somewhat living in a paradox. All of my travels have allowed me to expand my mind and come to terms about how the rest of the world is morally, ethically and politically advancing.
I have to say, “I am worried.” And I know that we have amazing Congresswomen like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, coming into Congress and creating a wave of disruption.
But my question is: how long will this disruption last and what will the push back be?
In this, I wanted to identify what I believe to be one of the root causes for the #MeToo Movement and the resurgence of civil, political and sex social action.
Britney Spears
Britney Spears was the quintessential love bot. I mean actually a sex-toy bot. She oozed sex appeal from the day she stepped off of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shadow and into the spotlight of Pop music. Yet, I always idolized her.
“Ohhhh, If I could just dance like Britney Spears,” I thought to myself.
However, she is an example of something I like to call, “Pervication.”
Pervication is the sexualization of someone that doesn’t need to be sexual. It is a technique used in record studios to garner more wealth and capital because it draws upon the fact that sex sells. The problem with this marketing tactic is that it exploits young females youth, vitality and sexuality and is severally damaging to the artist’s and audience’s cognitive, mental and psychological abilities.
How does it do this? Well, when I was a teenager instead of doing my math homework, I was making up dances to Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U.” Now, I have listened to the lyrics of this song many times and I try to find the consumable narrative.
My interpretation of how this song was made:
Mark: She is a hot young girl, she is a slave for the guy, total winner.
Drew: Alright boys, “It’s 5 o’clock time to pack up and grab a nice, thirsty brewski.” Lol. Mark you fool. 
I am not even going to go into the multicultural reasons this song is ethically and morally wrong as I don’t have that level of sensitivity training yet. But, I can focus on the ethical practices of exploiting females for capitalistic gain and the multitude of mental illnesses that are developed from intensely socialized and propagandized media exposure. Britney was only twenty when “I’m a Slave 4 U” came out well into her career.
Some may say, “Well, don’t dress like that and you won’t get hit on or exploited.”
But how she (or how any of us dressed) was never really the issue. And in response to that, all I can say is, “I am sorry you don’t see me. That you don’t see the elegance in my voice, the life in my eyes and the passion in my heart. That you forgot to see women as human.”
I’m sorry that you think how any woman dresses will change that toxic attitude.
The Truth behind Britney Spears Mental Illness
We can all picture Britney, shaved head, trying to smash in a car window with an umbrella. It’s her infamous downfall and may have been a bipolar episode. However, it is my firm and strict belief that societal pressure in exploiting her sexuality was part of the environmental factors that led to her developing the mental illness within her early to mid-twenties.
And her narrative is seen by countless females diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, dissociative symptoms linked to body satisfaction and more.
We created Britney Spears. We created the #MeToo Movement. So, we’ve got to find a way to stop it together.
Meditation for Recovering Our Lost Sisters Britney, Whitney and Rhianna
 This is a meditation to uncover all of the lost sisters who have been hurt by sexual exploitation.  This meditation will help realign, reaffirm and honor the beauty that is inside our hearts and souls.
Men, this is a meditation for you. It is for your heart. To help with the abuse that has been subjected to you by the porn industry.
I want you to close your eyes and think of your favorite place as a child. It could be the sand on the beach, rocks in the snow and even sitting on your couch laughing with your friends.
Now, I want you to close with eyes and imagine your baby girl in the future, or even now.
That sweet, lovely little popsicle. Imagine the colors on her socks. Imagine the smell of her hair after a day in the snow. What does she look like?
You’re her father. Brother. Partner. Equal.
Now, I want you to bring to your mind the image of a goddess.
Women are gold. We are to be cherished and valued. We are creatures that are dying to be let free.
If you let us roam this earth without needing from us, we will find a way to love.
The amount in which you have sex with women does not define whether you are a man. I know that it feels like that sometimes. Respect, cherish and adore her. It is normal to experience biological sensations and feelings that impact the chemicals in your brain and your ability to focus.
But women are like fruit. It was not Eve who plucked the apple; Eve was the apple. She was the paradise.
And the moment we begin to realize the ecstasy of a woman who enjoys every single minute of sexual gratification, we are freed.
Women. Let’s learn to love. Let’s learn to embrace our femininity happiness and true positive self-expression. You once laughed as a child. You played in the snow and looked at the ground with wonder and awe. Let’s connect to that part in ourselves and hold one another. Let’s reunite back together as sisters, playing with one another’s hair and swinging on the playground.
Why this matters
Britney Spears is just one example of how young girls’ sexuality and the emergence of puberty is capitalized on by the men who control the music industry.
I don’t believe it’s wrong for a young audience to listen to the Top 40 charts, but they should be aware of what’s going on. They should be taught that their sexuality is not to be profited off of or that how they dress means anything.  In teaching girls that they are more than sex, we can also take the pressure off of young women, like Britney Spears, to perform their sexuality.

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