(Stitch) Fix Your Wardrobe

By Joanna Fanuko Before I gush over the greatest app ever, let me give you some context about why I love the personal stylist-in-a-box that is Stitch Fix. I get the best advice from my therapist. We dig deep into the serious stuff. She has helped me pull myself out of distressed mental states, process the tough reality of my…

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The Beauty Within Us

By Joanna Fanuko Customarily, culturally, and often by misogynists, women are seen as the fairer sex. With so many new ways to express gender, the stereotype is slowly evaporating and becoming a view of the past, though not without a fight from the masses of men who fall into that latter category. Beauty was a strictly female superlative only a…

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The Secrets of a Shoe-Aholic

by Joanna Fanuko Hi. I’m Joanna, and I’m a shoe-aholic. (Hi, Joanna.) This is said in jest and in the vain of a stereotypical Alcoholics Anonymous meeting introduction simply because I get addiction, mental illness, and widely understood cultural references. But seriously, I dig shoes too much. Recently, I got into a conversation with my therapist about shoes. Not just…

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Summer 2018 Fashion Must-Haves

By Shelby Winch This summer, why not clean out your closet? And then reward yourself with a shopping haul full of hot new trends. Here’s your summer guide to fashion: Color, Color, Color – We are talking canary yellows, pastel pinks, and bright prints. This summer from shoes to dresses, color is not a thing to be feared. Veer more toward the…

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Why Millennials Have Brought Vintage Back

By Kay Maloney In a world that seems to be developing at an increasingly fast pace, an abandonment of the past would seem likely. During these times, the media seems adamant to convey a message that the millennial generation is solely dependent upon the internet. While it would be wrong to say technology and social media do not play a…

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How to Feel About Getting Old, According to Two Famous People

[By Ashley Weatherford, The Cut] In interviews, famous actresses are often asked about their creative process and how their work conveys urgent meaning. Just kidding — these are ladies. Everyone just wants to know how they cope with their good looks and growing old. In two interviews released this week, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez presented two very different answers. In a conversation with InStyle, Jolie…

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