A Daily Mindful Solution

By Allison Chawla I discovered that making overly specific goals with uncompromising regulations has proven to be nothing but a set up for failure over the years. Many times I have attempted to meet the more popular achievements like New Year’s resolutions, thinking such a trending benchmark would help to hold me accountable. I tried upping my exercise game each…

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The Awakened Heart of Kuan Yin

By Paige Swanson In the counseling, social work, and sacred healing professions there is a phenomenon commonly espoused as “compassion fatigue.” This phenomenon is studied, researched and discussed amongst professionals in the field. While some believe that compassion fatigue is a result of being exposed to a traumatized person, others believe that it is just a byproduct of working in…

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The Best Times to Sleep, Wake, Exercise and Eat Are Based on Age, Circadian Rhythms

By Ingrid Prueher   If you’re wondering what the optimal times are to engage in certain activities, listen to your body’s circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are physiological, mental and behavioral changes governed by the body within a 24-hour clock, according to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. They are affected by environmental cues, such as sunlight, darkness, and temperature. Circadian rhythms influence sleep/wake…

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