The Wonderful Scottish Highlands

By Jacqui Gray   The Scottish Highlands deliver majestic landscapes, brutal weather and a sense of complete isolation: amazing and terrifying!  The timeless landscape continues as it has forever with scenic walks, historic building and, ruins at every turn. This region has so much beauty and tragedy to discover. My favorite area, in this part of the world, is Royal…

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Rainbow Beach

By Jacqui Gray Rainbow Beach – Where is this Paradise? We discovered the end of the earth – no one else was with us – our own private beaches, lakes, and bushland. Deliciously slow paced, lacking in crowds. An Instagrammers delight.  Point, click = 100% stunning photos. Where is this paradise?  East Coast, Australia, a few hours drive north of…

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Jacqui on Voyage: Dublin

By Jacqui Gray   With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I thought it was only fitting me to write about the four days I spent in Dublin being an absolutely perfect tourist. You may have noticed I am a terrible tourist.  But am pretty proud of my recent Dublin efforts and most surprising to me, I really (yes,…

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Jacqui on Voyage: Mount Maunganui

By Jacqui Gray  Mount Maunganui The Bay of Plenty in New Zealand is spectacular.  I am sure when they named it they didn’t have us tourists in mind, but since nature is putting on such a brilliant show, we should sit up and pay attention. One of my all-time favorite walks is in this area – it doesn’t require me…

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Jacqui on Voyage: Boston

By Jacqui Gray Sports, mad locals, Danny Crane (Boston Legal), St Patrick’s Day celebrations and Boston Rob from Survivor.  That’s it.  The total sum of my knowledge about Boston.  Let’s face it; I would only have needed an hour in town to quadruple my limited knowledge. Fortunately, I had a few days. What did I learn about Boston? Well, turns…

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