Your Soul Symbol

The Well & Being Co. is pleased and honored to partner with Angel Channel and Tarot Reader, Therese Caruso.

Therese is a Managing Director and Global Strategist for Zeno Group, a global integrated communications agency. She is also a gifted angel channel and tarot card reader, a natural skill she has honed since she was a young child. As a complement to our community, Therese is offering you the opportunity to take her soul test here. To learn more about Therese and to book a reading, go to

Your 'soul symbol’ is a mirror into the deepest core of who you are and can be drawn upon to inspire you to be your most authentic self. Knowing what your soul symbol is, provides inspiration and guidance to be your best self during the best of times and the most challenging of times. Some people are born with two symbols: soul and personality. For these people, the personality symbol represents your expression in the outer world, the gifts you bring into this lifetime and it provides a peek into how others see you. Having two symbols simply means that you have powerful energies. Find out what symbol powers your soul by entering your birthdate below.

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